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Legal Capability Webinars

CLEO now offers webinars for community workers on helping your clients find legal information.

This 75-minute webinar:

  • introduces you to key online sources of legal information, including CLEO’s websites
  • uses case scenarios to help you understand how to search for legal information
  • shares tips on how to identify reliable legal information online

Who is the webinar for?

The webinar is designed for community workers across Ontario, including:

  • social workers and counsellors
  • settlement workers
  • healthcare professionals
  • library staff
  • employment counsellors
  • housing and shelter workers
  • violence against women workers
  • credit counsellors

How to plan a webinar?

If you would like to plan a webinar for your organization or get more information, email Michelle Cader, CLEO’s Community Outreach Manager, or call 416-408-4420 x 826. Free 3-hour in-person workshops are also available. If you would prefer this training, please indicate that in your email.