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What’s New

Updated information on COVID-19 benefits
Mayo 13, 2022
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Steps to Justice has updated information on the end of Ontario's Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit and the federal COVID-19 Recovery Benefit programs. The last day to apply for the Canada Recovery Caregiver Benefit is July 6, 2022 for people that missed work the week of May 1. Use the Government of Canada's Benefits Finder tool to find other benefits or programs that are available.
Updated information on family law
Mayo 12, 2022
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Steps to Justice's family law content, Family Law Guided Pathways, and Steps in a Family Law Case have been updated to reflect changes in the law that took effect on May 1, 2022.

These changes say that before a settlement conference and trial management conference, both parties must discuss things like:

  • sharing financial information
  • resolving their issues
New information in refugee law
Mayo 9, 2022
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Steps to Justice now has information about what happens if the Minister of Immigration or the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness takes part in a refugee hearing or appeal. Read more in:

On the Radar - Support for Ukrainians in Ontario
Mayo 5, 2022
Enviado en :On the Radar

Over 5 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine since Russia invaded their country on February 24, this year. In response, the Government of Canada introduced a special immigration program to help Ukrainians come to Canada quickly or remain in Canada more easily. The Ontario government is also helping with health benefits and emergency income supports.

This issue of On the Radar looks at the programs and supports available to Ukrainian temporary residents already in Ontario.

Updated information in immigration law
Mayo 3, 2022
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Steps to Justice has updated information about the increase to permanent resident fees that took effect on April 30, 2022.

Updated information on tribunals and courts
Mayo 2, 2022
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Steps to Justice has updated information about what the courts are dealing with in-person and virtually by phone or video conference at:

Quarterly Update
Mayo 2, 2022
Enviado en :Quarterly Updates

This Quarterly Update highlights:

  • New CLEO Eviction Solution explorer
  • Training for nonprofits
  • Using technology to support community workers
  • French webinars

Read the full Quarterly Update here.

New tool to create a consumer complaint letter
Abril 27, 2022
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Steps to Justice has a new letter-writing tool to help people complain to a business about a product or service they bought.

The tool collects basic information about the business, and details of the product or service.

The information is used to create an email that can be forwarded to the business or made into a letter and sent in the mail. If the business does not fix the problem, a complaint can be made to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

New and revised CLEO publications
Abril 21, 2022
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CLEO has new and revised publications in debt and consumer rights, employment and work, and housing law.

Click here to read more.

New information in employment law
Abril 14, 2022
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Steps to Justice now has information about migrant workers, also called temporary foreign workers. This includes information about rights at work and making complaints to the Ministry of Labour and Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario for: