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Every Resident - Bill of Rights for people who live in Ontario long-term care homes

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2. No abuse

"Every resident has the right to be protected from abuse."

In other words...

No one is allowed to abuse you physically, financially, sexually, verbally, or emotionally.

Physical abuse is when someone assaults you, handles you roughly, or slaps, pushes, or beats you. It is also physical abuse when someone refuses to give you medicine that you should take, or gives you medicine that you should not be taking.

Financial abuse is when someone takes your money or property by fraud, theft, force, or by tricking you. If anybody forces you to sell or give away your property, or takes your money or possessions without your permission, what they are doing is financial abuse.

Sexual abuse is when someone forces upon you any type of sexual activity that you do not want. It may be inappropriate touching, sexual exploitation, or comments. Sexual abuse happens if, for example, a staff member or other person in authority has a sexual relationship with you, shows you pornographic materials, or looks at your naked body when that is not part of their job.

Verbal abuse is when someone calls you names, yells at you, or speaks to you in a way that scares, belittles, or threatens you.

Emotional abuse is when someone threatens, insults, or frightens you, or says or does something that humiliates you. This kind of abuse may make you feel lonely, ignored, or as if you are being treated like a child.