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Maintenance and repairs

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Maintenance and repairs

Your landlord is responsible for the maintenance and repair of your rented home. This includes things that came with your place, such as appliances, and it includes common areas, such as parking lots, elevators, and hallways.

This means that your landlord must fix or replace anything that is in bad condition or does not work properly. It does not matter if your lease or rental agreement says something different or if you knew about the problem when you agreed to rent the place. The law says your landlord is responsible.

But, if you or your guests break anything on purpose or by being careless, usually you must fix it or pay for the repair.

Your landlord must also clean and maintain the common areas. These are areas both inside and outside the building that are not part of tenants' apartments. For example, your landlord must:

  • keep halls, elevators, stairways, and the lobby clean,
  • keep laundry and garbage rooms clean,
  • pick up garbage outside the building,
  • cut the lawn, and
  • shovel snow and keep ice off the driveways and sidewalks.

It is up to you to keep your own apartment or rental unit clean, unless your lease or rental agreement says your landlord will do it.

If you rent a whole house, the law is not clear about who is responsible for outdoor work like lawn mowing and snow shovelling.