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Appealing a decision about social assistance

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If you disagree with a decision about getting social assistance

Appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal

You may be able to appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) if you get a decision:

  • refusing to give you social assistance
  • reducing the amount of assistance you get
  • cutting off your assistance

To appeal means that you ask the SBT to decide that the decision you disagree with is wrong. The SBT is not part of OW or ODSP and has the power to make a different decision.

Ask for the decision in writing

The office that makes the decision about your assistance or your application for assistance is supposed to put the decision in writing. This is called a Notice of Decision.

If you are dealing with OW, the local OW office sends you the Notice of Decision.

If you are dealing with ODSP, the Notice of Decision comes from:

  • the Disability Adjudication Unit (DAU) in Toronto, if it is about whether you have a disability
  • your local ODSP office, if it is about anything else, such as whether you qualify financially

The Notice of Decision is supposed to include the reasons for the decision.

If you do not get a Notice of Decision, contact the office that made the decision right away and ask for one.