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Appealing a decision about social assistance

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Step 4: Get a Notice of Hearing from the Social Benefits Tribunal

The Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) sends a Notice of Hearing to you and the office that made the decision you are appealing.

They should do this:

  • within 60 days of getting your Appeal Form, and
  • at least 30 days before the date of the hearing.

The Notice gives the time and date of the hearing, which could be several months from when the SBT got your Appeal Form.

Types of hearings

The Notice says where the hearing will be. And it usually says that the hearing will be in person or electronic. An electronic hearing is done by telephone or video conference.

If the Notice is for an electronic hearing, you have the right to ask the SBT for a hearing in person. You have to do this within 15 days of getting the Notice of Hearing.

Explain why you do not want an electronic hearing. If you think that you would not get a fair hearing unless it is in person, you must explain why.

You might get a Notice for a written or paper hearing. This means that you do not go to a hearing. But the SBT will not do a written hearing unless you agree.

You may want to contact a community legal clinic before agreeing to an electronic or written hearing. See How can I get legal help?

Help with travel costs

If you need help to pay for travel costs to go to a hearing, you can ask the SBT.

Fill out the Request for Travel Assistance (Form 6) and send it to the SBT.

The form is on the SBT’s website.