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Children's aid: Information for parents (Fact sheet)

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What if a CAS worker contacts me?

Try to stay as calm as you can when you talk to a CAS worker. You should try to speak to a lawyer before you say very much. If you cannot afford a lawyer, Legal Aid Ontario may pay for one.

In most cases, a CAS must get your permission to enter your home. It is usually best to let them in or the situation can become worse. If they have to, a CAS can enter by force to protect a child. They can bring the police to help them.

If you have any difficulty understanding or speaking English, tell the CAS worker. Ask for an interpreter who speaks your language and English well. If the CAS does not find one, you should try to find an interpreter.

The CAS worker usually talks to the parents and children separately. They must keep notes about anything you or your children tell them. This information can be used against you in court later on.

Some acts that harm children are crimes. At any time, if you think a CAS or the police suspect you of a crime, tell them that you would like to get legal advice before you answer any more questions. Contact a lawyer right away.