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Do you know a woman who is being abused? A legal rights handbook

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What happens if my partner breaks a condition?

If your partner does not obey a condition, call the police. He might be arrested and held in custody until his trial, or he might be released with new and tougher conditions. He can be charged with another crime called breach of recognizance.

Breach of recognizance or failure to comply with a condition of undertaking or recognizance: a crime where your partner does not follow the conditions set out by the court.

Follow your safety plan. His breach is a warning that you need to be careful and take steps to protect yourself.

If he wants to come home

If your partner returns home, he might be breaking one of the conditions. His return could also put you and your children in danger.

You might feel pressured to take your partner back. For example, you might be afraid or intimidated about not doing what your partner wants. He might have promised to give you custody of the children if you drop the conditions.

Your family or your partner's family might be pressuring you to take him back. Or you might want him to return home. These situations can be complicated.

If you are thinking of letting your partner come home, you should talk to a VWAP worker or a lawyer as soon as possible.