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Your credit report

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What cannot be included in my credit report?

The law also says that some kinds of information cannot be in a credit report at all, even if the information is reliable.

Criminal matters

Your credit report cannot include criminal convictions that have been discharged or pardoned, or criminal charges that were withdrawn, dismissed, or set aside.

Certain personal information

Your credit report cannot include information about your race, creed, colour, sex, ancestry, ethnic origin, or political affiliation.

Information more than 7 years old

If any of the following information is more than 7 years old, it cannot be included in your credit report:

  • debt collection proceedings against you
  • a bankruptcy, unless you have been bankrupt more than once
  • a judgment against you, unless the creditor confirms that it is still unpaid
  • unpaid fines or taxes
  • criminal convictions (the 7 years is counted from the date of conviction or from the date of release or parole, whichever is later)