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Online, telephone, and mail-order shopping

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What are my rights before I decide to buy?

Before you order something online, by phone, or by mail, the law says the seller must give you certain information, including:

  • the seller's name, telephone number, and address
  • an accurate description of the goods or services you are buying
  • the price of each item, as well as shipping costs, handling costs, and taxes
  • all other charges that you might have to pay, like customs duties or brokerage fees, and the amount of these charges if the seller knows or can find out what they will be
  • the total of all charges you must pay, when and how you must pay, and what currency the charges are listed in if it is not Canadian dollars
  • when and where the goods will be delivered, or when the services will start, how they will be done, and when they will be completed
  • an explanation of any additional rights to cancel, return, exchange, or get a refund

When you place an order, you are making a contract or an agreement with the seller. The seller must give you a chance to accept or not accept the agreement, and to correct any errors first.

If the seller does not do all of these things, you can cancel your purchase any time up until 7 days after you receive a written copy of the agreement.