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Making a humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) application

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What happens after an application is made?

H&C applications can be decided within a few months. Or it can take a long time — up to a few years — before they are decided. In the meantime, a woman's situation can change. It is important to report any changes to IRCC when they happen. This includes changes in marital status and number of children. It also includes:

  • any change of address
  • information showing that a woman is now more established in Canada
  • new information about hardship she would face if she is forced to leave
  • new information about other reasons supporting an H&C application

New or additional evidence should be sent to IRCC as soon as it is available. It is important not to delay because IRCC can decide the application at any time.

Making an H&C application does not give an applicant the right to remain in Canada until the application is decided. Before applying a woman should get legal advice to find out about the risk of being forced to leave the country.