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Buying or leasing a used vehicle

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What if I was misled or pressured into getting the vehicle?

Dealers are not allowed to use "unfair practices" to convince you to buy or lease a vehicle. Unfair practices include making false, misleading, or deceptive statements. For example, dealers must not:

  • tell you that the vehicle is of better quality than it really is,
  • tell you that the vehicle is only available for a limited time if that is not true, or
  • tell you that you are getting a special price or benefit when they are really offering the same thing that you can get somewhere else.

Unfair practices also include:

  • taking advantage of any language difficulty or physical, mental, or emotional disability that you may have,
  • charging far more than what is reasonable for the vehicle, or
  • pressuring you to buy a vehicle that they know you cannot afford.

If the dealer used any unfair practice, you can cancel at any time within one year after you signed the contract.