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Door-to-door sales

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Table of contents

If you speak French

In many cases, you have the right to government services and legal proceedings in French, including hearings before French-speaking decision makers. If you have a legal problem, you can ask a lawyer or a community legal clinic about your French language rights.

Si vous parlez français

Il existe de nombreuses situations où vous avez droit à des services gouvernementaux et à des procédures juridiques en français. Ainsi, vous pouvez avoir droit à ce qu'une audience à laquelle vous êtes partie soit tenue devant un décideur qui parle français. Si vous avez un problème juridique, vous pouvez demander à un avocat ou à un intervenant d'une clinique juridique communautaire de vous informer des droits linguistiques liés au fait de parler français.

Door-to-door salespeople sometimes try to mislead or pressure you into buying something that you may not need or cannot afford. Or they may charge you much more than you would pay at a store.

Ontario's Consumer Protection Act has special rules to protect you when someone is selling anywhere that is not their place of business and not an auction, market, exhibition, or fair. The most common example of this is a salesperson coming to your home.

The rules apply if you buy or lease goods or services where the total charges are more than $50 before taxes.

This publication explains your legal rights in these situations.

Note about energy contracts: There are different rules for door-to-door energy retailers. These are companies that try to get you to sign a contract for electricity or natural gas. This booklet does not cover those rules but you can get information by visiting or calling the Ontario Energy Board at 1-877-632-2727.