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Door-to-door sales

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How do I cancel a door-to-door sale agreement?

If you want to cancel a door-to-door agreement, first figure out the date you have to cancel by.

Reason Deadline to cancel
I changed my mind. 10 days after you receive a copy of the agreement.
The agreement does not include all of the required information. One year after you made the agreement.
The seller used an unfair practice. One year after you made the agreement.
The seller is more than 30 days late with delivering my order or starting the services. No deadline as long as you have not agreed to accept late delivery or late start.
The contract is for something that is not allowed to be sold door-to-door. Contract is void so no need to cancel, but you have one year after you paid to demand your money back.

If you want to cancel the agreement, you must tell the seller before the deadline passes. It is a good idea to tell them in writing. There are sample cancellation notices on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services website at

Your notice should tell the seller the reason you are cancelling or why the contract is void. If you are within the 10-day "cooling-off" period, you do not have to say why you changed your mind.

You should keep a copy of the notice for yourself. Make a note of the date that you mailed, emailed, or personally delivered the notice to the seller.

Once the seller gets your notice, they have 15 days to refund all payments that you made.

If you have already received the items you ordered, the seller usually has to pick them up or pay the cost for you to return them.