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Fighting an eviction

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If your landlord wants to evict you

To evict you, your landlord must follow certain steps set out in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA).

If you do not want to move out, your landlord will have to apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board. The Board is like a court but less formal. It deals with conflicts between landlords and tenants.

Below are some papers you might get if your landlord is trying to evict you:

Notice to End your Tenancy

This tells you the date your landlord wants you to move out and the reason why.

Application to End a Tenancy or Application to evict a tenant

This tells you that your landlord has applied to the Board to evict you.

Notice of Hearing

You will get this with the Application. It tells you when and where the hearing about your eviction will be held. If you miss the hearing, the Board will probably order that you be evicted.

Order of the Landlord and Tenant Board

After the Board holds a hearing, it puts its decision in writing. This is called an order. The Board mails copies of the order to the tenant and the landlord.

The next section tells you more about the eviction process and what you can do.