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Can I work and still get money and other help from Ontario Works?

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Working during the first 3 months on OW

If you earn any money from work during the first 3 months you're on OW, OW reduces the amount of money they give you. They reduce it by the same amount as your take-home pay.

Take-home pay means the money that is left after your employer takes off things like taxes. It is usually the amount that goes into your bank account from your pay cheque. Take-home pay is also called "net earnings".

For example, if you get $623 a month from OW and you earn $100 from work this month, OW reduces the money they give you by $100. So you will get $523.

$623 (usual amount from OW)
- $100 (take-home pay)
$523 (amount from OW this month)