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Family violence when a woman is sponsored by a spouse or partner

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Withdrawal of sponsorship

A sponsor can tell IRCC that they want to withdraw their sponsorship at any time before the application is decided. An abusive spouse or partner may tell IRCC that the relationship was not genuine or that the woman being sponsored has not been completely truthful in her application. IRCC can decide to investigate and this can lead to a woman being removed from Canada and barred from returning for 5 years.

Other types of status or no status

Many women are in Canada without permanent resident status. They may have temporary status. For example, they may have work or study permits, or they may have been allowed to enter Canada as visitors.

Some women may be here as refugee claimants. Others may have stayed in Canada after the expiry of a temporary status.

A woman with temporary or no status needs to get legal advice about her options if she wants to stay in Canada permanently.

A woman may not be sure of her immigration status in Canada and may need legal help to find out what it is.