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What tenants need to know about the law

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Your personal belongings

You must take everything with you on or before the day your tenancy ends, if you move out:

  • after giving notice to your landlord,
  • because you got a Notice to End your Tenancy, or
  • because you and your landlord agreed to end your tenancy.

In these situations, your landlord can sell, keep, give away, or throw out anything you leave behind.

If the Board ordered your eviction, you have 72 hours to take your belongings after the Sheriff comes and the locks get changed. During those 72 hours, your landlord must keep your things in or near your place, and let you get them any time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. But, if you move out before the locks are changed, the law is not clear about when you have to get your things out of your place. So, you should take everything with you if you can.

In any other situation, it is illegal for your landlord to take any of your things. This is true even if you owe your landlord money.

If your landlord breaks any of these rules, you should call the province's Rental Housing Enforcement Unit right away at 1‑888‑772‑9277. The Unit's website address is

You can also apply to the Board to order your landlord to return your things or to pay you for having taken them.