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Need welfare? How to apply to Ontario Works

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What if OW will not accept my application?

The law says that OW must take your application. And they must do this even if they say that you will not qualify for assistance.

If you are talking to an OW worker on the phone and they do not want to give you an appointment to complete your application, ask to speak to a supervisor. Say that you want to complete your application.

If there is still a problem, contact your community legal clinic right away. See How can I get legal help and information?

You might not be able to appeal a decision unless it is in writing.

So, it is important to:

  • make an appointment to complete your application, and
  • go to the appointment and complete your application.

That way, you can get OW's decision in writing. And, if OW refuses to give you assistance, you can appeal that decision.