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Participation Agreements and Ontario Works

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Will OW excuse me from doing activities if I have a disability?

OW expects you to make "reasonable efforts" to do the activities in your Participation Agreement.

OW might excuse you from all of the activities in your Agreement for a short time, for example, a week or so.

But you need to have a letter from a doctor or other health‑care professional that explains why you cannot do any of the activities.

Usually, if you have a disability, you still have to do some of the activities in the Agreement. But you should only have to do activities that you are able to do and that are possible with your disability.

You may know that it will be a while, for example, more than 2 weeks, before you are able to do the activities in your Agreement.

For OW to excuse you from the activities until you can do them, you need to have a doctor or other health‑care professional fill out the OW form called Limitations to Participation. You can get this from the OW office.

Examples of other health-care professionals who can write a letter or fill out the Limitations to Participation form are:

  • nurse practitioners
  • psychiatrists
  • social workers

Applying for disability benefits

If you have a disability that is likely going to last a year or more, you may also want to think about applying to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for disability benefits.

There is more information in CLEO's resource Disability benefits in Ontario: Who can get them and how to apply.