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Have you been fired or laid off?

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What are my rights if I am fired or laid off?

Your employer does not have to tell you why you are being fired or laid off.

But in most cases, your employer must give you a written notice of termination. There are 2 ways an employer can do this:

  1. Your employer can tell you ahead of time. The amount of time depends on many things, including how long you have been in the job.
  2. Instead of telling you ahead of time, your employer can let you go right away. If they do this, they have to pay you the money you would have earned if they had told you ahead of time. This is called "termination pay". Some people call it "pay in lieu of notice".

If you are laid off permanently, the same rules apply.

Termination pay is not the same as what the ESA calls "severance pay". See What about severance pay? for information about severance pay under the ESA.