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Have you been fired or laid off?

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What if I am laid off temporarily?

The ESA says you can be laid off without notice if you are laid off temporarily.

But the ESA rules apply only if you have agreed that your employer can put you on temporary layoff. And if you are in a union, the rules will depend on what is in the collective agreement.

The ESA rules about temporary layoffs are complicated. There are rules about how long a temporary layoff can be. The general rule is that a temporary layoff can be up to 13 weeks out of 20 weeks in a row.

In some situations, it can be longer than that. But it has to be less than 35 weeks out of 52 weeks in a row. For example, this applies if your employer continues to pay into a pension plan for you.

If you are laid off, you might need to get legal advice about whether your employer has the right to put you on temporary lay-off.