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CPP disability benefits

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How can I apply for CPP disability benefits?

You can have an application kit sent to you by calling Service Canada at 1‑800‑277‑9914.

If you use a TTY device, call 1‑800‑255‑4786.

The application kit is also online at Click on Benefits and go to the section called Disability benefits.

If there were times when your CPP contributions stopped or were lower because you were taking care of your child under 7 years old, you also need the "Child Rearing Provision" form.

This form is part of the application kit. Filling it out might help you qualify for CPP disability benefits or increase the amount of the benefit.

Someone else can apply for you if you cannot apply on your own. But you must make sure your application forms are sent in. Your employer or the government will not apply for you.

If you think it will take some time for you to complete the application, send a letter to CPP asking for your disability benefits.

It is important to send this letter as soon as possible. Send your letter to the address shown in the kit. Keep a copy of the letter and make a note of when you sent it. You will still need to fill out an application.