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Home Care Bill of Rights

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9. Confidentiality

If you receive home care services, you have the right to have your records kept confidential in accordance with the law.

This means...

If a CCAC or home care agency has information about you, they must keep it private, no matter who prepared the information. This includes information about your health and your living situation, as well as any information collected for your application for home care services, or to provide these services to you.

There are some exceptions. For example, you can agree to let the CCAC or agency give information about you to someone else, such as a family member, hospital, nursing home, or doctor. Also, the CCAC or agency can follow its own policies about how it uses or shares information about you, as long as it makes these policies public. But you might have to ask to see these policies.

You also have the right to see the CCAC's or agency's records of your personal health information. If these records are not accurate or complete, you can ask for corrections.