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Mental Illness, Criminal Offences, & Deportation

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Helping clients find legal advice and representation

A person who is facing criminal charges needs a criminal lawyer. Someone who is not a Canadian citizen should also get legal advice about immigration law before the criminal trial begins or before pleading guilty to any charges. The government lawyer prosecuting the case may be willing to consider the immigration consequences when deciding how to proceed or what sentence to ask for. And a criminal court judge can consider immigration consequences when deciding:

  • whether to enter a conviction or grant a discharge after a finding of guilt, or
  • what sentence to impose.

Anyone who is facing immigration proceedings because of a criminal record needs an immigration lawyer. There may be steps clients can take to remain in Canada, but they may need to act quickly. You can:

  • tell them about their right to a lawyer,
  • explain the importance of legal help, and
  • help them find legal advice and representation, see Finding legal help.