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Mental Illness, Criminal Offences, & Deportation

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Helping a client comply with conditions

A client who is released from immigration detention, or has been given a stay of removal following an appeal, will have to comply with conditions. The conditions will be set out in the release order or stay.

Failure to comply
A client who fails to comply could be detained or deported. If a client does not respond to a request from the IRB or does not show up at their hearing, the IRB may decide that they have "abandoned" their appeal. This means they can be removed from Canada.

You can help a client who has been ordered to comply with conditions by keeping in touch with them. You can:

  • help make sure any changes of address or contact information are communicated to immigration officials,
  • help keep track of appointments with lawyers, social workers, and other professionals, and
  • work collaboratively with their family and other support networks to keep your client from breaching conditions.