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Mental Illness, Criminal Offences, & Deportation

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Community legal clinics and student legal aid services societies

Community legal clinics give free legal help to people with low incomes. This includes giving advice, making referrals, and representing people. Most community legal clinics can make referrals to an immigration lawyer and some give advice and represent people with immigration problems.

Every law school in Ontario has a student legal aid services society. Law students who are supervised by lawyers give legal advice and can sometimes represent people in immigration matters.

You do not need a legal aid certificate to get help from a community legal clinic or student legal aid services society.

To find the legal clinic that serves your area or a student legal aid services society, you can go to and click on "Services". You can also go to the Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) website at or call Legal Aid Ontario.

You can also look at CLEO's resource called Getting Legal Help: A Directory of Community Legal Clinics in Ontario.