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Can I get money or other support from ODSP if I get an inheritance?

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Can I get money or other support from ODSP if I get an inheritance?

The rules that the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) has about getting an inheritance are complicated. It is always best to talk to a lawyer before making any decisions.

An inheritance is money or other property that you get from someone who dies.

An inheritance can affect whether you qualify to get money from ODSP.

To decide if you qualify, ODSP counts all of your income and assets. You will not qualify if:

  • Your income is too high. Income is money you get, for example, a pay cheque.
  • Your assets are worth too much. Assets are valuable items that you keep, for example, money in a savings account or property that you own.

If an inheritance increases your income or assets too much, you may not qualify for money from ODSP. For example, a single person cannot have assets worth more than $40,000.

How much income you can earn depends on the size of your family and the cost of your housing.