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Police Powers: Stops and Searches

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Can the police enter my home?

The police can enter your home if they have:

  • a warrant that allows them to enter your home to arrest someone,
  • a search warrant, or
  • permission from you or from someone else in authority in your home.

They can also enter your home in some urgent situations.

The police can go onto your driveway if they have a reasonable suspicion that an impaired driver is parked there.

The police can come up to your door or onto your property to talk to you unless you have told them not to. But they do not have the right to do this just to look around and see if they can find any evidence to use against you. And they don't have the right to come onto your property if they can talk to you without doing so. For example, they might be able to talk to you over a fence if you are in your backyard.