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Need welfare? How to apply to Ontario Works

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Available formats and options

What if I do not have a permanent address?

OW cannot refuse to give you assistance just because you do not have a permanent address. So even if you do not have an address, you can apply.

If you know that you can get a certain room or apartment when you have the rent money, tell OW.

Ask the landlord to give you something in writing that says they are willing to rent the place to you.

The OW office might have a form that you can give the landlord.

You can either ask the landlord to:

  • fill out the form, if your OW office has one that you can use
  • sign a note that says they are willing to rent the place to you and that also includes the following information:
  • the address of the place you want to rent
  • the date you can move in
  • the amount of the rent
  • if you have to pay for heat or other utilities
  • if you have to pay a last month's rent deposit
  • the landlord's name and phone number