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Does your landlord want you to move out? (Fact sheet)

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What happens at the hearing?

At the hearing, a Board member listens to why your landlord wants to evict you and why you think you should not be evicted.

The Board member will make a decision at the end of the hearing or later. The decision is called an "order". Copies of the order will be sent to you and your landlord.

Sometimes you can make an agreement with your landlord to stop the eviction. This kind of agreement is often called a "settlement". An agreement can be made before or after the Board makes an order. Try to get advice from your own lawyer before signing any papers. Make sure you get a copy of anything you sign.

The Board can make an eviction order at any time of year, even during the winter.

Even if the Board makes an eviction order, you still might be able to stop the eviction. Get legal help right away.