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Your credit report

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When can someone see my credit report?

Credit reporting agencies are allowed to release your credit report only in these situations:

  • When someone needs to use your report to give you credit, collect a debt, rent you a house or apartment, hire or promote you at work, give you insurance, or do other business with you.
  • When you give someone permission to check your credit report. This permission must be in writing. For example, you usually give permission when you apply for a loan or a credit card, or when you want to rent an apartment.
  • When another law says the government can see your report to check if you are eligible for a benefit. For example, this happens if you apply for social assistance.
  • When the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is looking into a complaint, they can order a credit reporting agency to give them your report.
  • When a court orders a credit reporting agency to give your report to someone.