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Harassment and discrimination

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Discrimination against tenants

If your landlord or someone working for your landlord discriminates against you, they might be breaking a law called the Human Rights Code.

Discrimination in housing means you are treated unfairly because:

  • of your race or colour, your birthplace, citizenship or ethnic background, your religion, age, sex, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression,
  • you are pregnant or have children, or
  • you receive social assistance or welfare.

Examples of discrimination include:

  • treating you badly because of your colour or religion
  • refusing to put in a ramp or make other changes for you if you use a wheelchair
  • having strict rules about noise that are harder for you to follow if you have children
  • not trying to stop other tenants from discriminating against you

It is also discrimination when landlords refuse to rent to people who have no credit rating. This can be a problem for young people and for people who are new to Canada.